JoAnn Ross


"JoAnn is a wonderful teacher. She is very patient and encouraging. She is thorough in making sure proper form is achieved so that you are playing without discomfort. I would highly recommend her as she is great at confidence building and a truly sweet person!

I really appreciate that she took time to emphasize good form to avoid muscle strain on my first lesson. Looking forward to many more lessons!"
                                                      Cindy M.

Cello lessons  Carmichael  



Play the Cello Comfortably:

As you learn to play the cello, my job  is to help you understand what’s happening where in your body, how it affects your playing and how you can coordinate it.  During your cello lessons I will help you gain the fine awareness and control you'll need to play beautifully.  At your cello lessons I will help you discover how to:

  • Sit comfortably & ergonomically
  • Relax your body
  • Use core muscles to power your cello
  • Coordinate your left & right hands

Cello Bowing:

I'll help you use of your bow to express the mood and meaning of the music through changes in tone color, dynamics (loud and soft), and articulation including:

  • bow speed control
  • bow pressure control
  • playing at the frog, middle and tip
  • use of core muscles, the shoulder, elbow and wrist joints, and thumb and  fingers in bowing
  • detached bowing - including spiccatto, detache and staccatto - gripping and relaxing
  • legato bowing - rolling the bow - circular bowing
  • string crossings
  • double stops
  • forzando
  • pizzicato
  • covering shifts

Cello Fingering:

Your left hand also contributes to the beauty of the music.  At your cello lessons I will help you master:

  • Intonation and fingering
  • Articulation of fingers in slow and fast playing
  • Position of the left arm unit and use of core muscles
  • Varying color using finger pressure and positioning
  • 1st - 7th positions
  • Extended position
  • Thumb positions
  • Molding finger placements in advance of shifts
  • Hand balancing during shifts
  • Finger strengthening
  • Trills

Cello Vibrato:

Vibrato is an essential cello skill which grows out of the cello fingering skills.  The varying vibrato  speed and width you will need to enhance the beauty of the musical line will grow of the relaxed techniques you will learn throughout your cello lessons.