As your cello teacher, I will provide you with the best information and support in learning to play the cello, including :

  • Supplying accurate information about how to play the cello
  • Teaching you how to successfully practice new cello skills
  • Helping you learn to inject humor into your practice sessions and maintain a positive attitude

Anything that helps you learn to play the cello is valuable.  I find that traditional teaching methods combined with an understandable overview of anatomy and the science of sound propagation helps cellists learn more quickly and retain information better.  I work hard to find the best information and tools available, and then translate and simplify it to help you learn to play the cello.  To bring your learning up to date, I use technological tools where appropriate

Mastering skills requires slow, careful cello practice and requires a minimum of thirty minutes of focused cello practice nearly every day.  This consists of exercises that address the challenges the music presents, as well as breaking down the music into understandable sections while learning it, and then putting the piece “back together.”

Most important, I believe that a positive attitude is key to progress, so I provide lots of positive feedback and clear instructions how to improve, and encourage you to do the same at home during you practice sessions.  Learning to play the cello should be both challenging and fun!

  • Constructive self-feedback
  • How to master the detail by slowing down
  • How to approach a new piece
  • How to identify problem areas and develop techniques to improve them
  • Using silent practice
  • Setting and meeting goals and objectives
  • Internal focus

Performance involves the integration of cello skills with musical skills, and many times, working with other musicians and technicians.  Overcoming anxiety is very important.  Your cello lessons will include help with the following skills:   

  • Prepare for  performance or audition
  • Managing performance anxiety
  • Audition protocol
  • Body movement
  • Facial expression


Public cello  performance in Carmichael & Sacramento

JoAnn Ross



"Very professional! Very Kind! Supportive with your learning. She builds a relationship with you. Completely recommend !"
                                                             Leanna F.

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