As your cello teacher I help you identify and use technology to augment your cello lessons with equipment and apps that:

  • record your playing
  • accompany your songs
  • speed up and change the pitch of recordings
  • and more...

To help you learn to play the cello, I use several software programs that:
Slow down audio recordings (MP3 or WAV formats) to help you study your music,
Transpose MP3 or WAV file recordings into a higher or lower key,and
Provide a visual representation of your:

  • pitch
  • tone color
  • onsets/offsets
  • evenness of tone
  • vibrato.

At your music lessons, I provide:

  • High quality audio recording of your lessons in MP3 format (for you to take home),
  • High quality audio video recording of your lesson when useful.

I use music notation software for preparation of printed exercises and sheet music where helpful.

The Suzuki series provides a CD of the accompaniments to pieces in the book which can be purchased by you.  There are other sources of accompaniments which you can purchase.  

Technology provides tools you can use at home to give you feedback between lessons.   Some of the software is free, much is less than $50 and none of it costs more than $100.  The more feedback you can get - at lessons, or at home - the faster you will succeed.  All of these programs are easy to use.


”Fantastic instructor!

JoAnn is a gifted teacher, because of her extensive background in music, she can quickly identify where a new learner needs to focus. My daughter’s technique has improved as well as her playing. We feel lucky to have found JoAnn."

                                                      Julie W.


TECHNOLOGY to assist in learning the cello

JoAnn Ross