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“I began cello lessons with JoAnn almost a year ago. This was an instrument I had always wanted to learn, so I bought a good student cello and nervously scheduled my first half hour lesson.

Eleven months later, our weekly 60 minute lessons are very enjoyable and I am progressing well.  Sometimes I dread my next lesson because I’ve been too busy to practice or too fatigued from work, but an hour later I leave with a smile on my face and more confidence with my instrument. Hey, this is fun!

I would not hesitate to recommend JoAnn to anyone, especially a busy, working adult. She is a very skilled cellist and teacher, incorporating many lessons from other disciplines into this. While her teaching course has been different than I expected (lots of focus on slow playing and no vibrato yet), I believe my playing is much, much better because of it. In the beginning I had planned on a couple months of weekly lessons. Now a year later, I have no intention of stopping - way too much fun! Thank you JoAnn!”
                                                                      Isaac S.

Play the Cello beautifully:

Your cello lessons would not be complete without instruction in the aural and written language of music including harmony, rhythm, and musical form.

Much of the cello repertoire played in the United States is based on music with historical roots in Europe.  Musicians frequently studied, composed and performed throughout Europe and England.  Over time musical tastes were influenced by composers and performers creating new uses of harmony, form, and melodic and rhythmic content.  Also, composers wrote for the instruments and musicians at hand, and the composition of ensembles changed with the tastes of audiences and the technological advances in the manufacture of musical instruments.  

More recently music has incorporated rhythms, harmony and colors from cultures all over the world, resulting in an increasing variety of styles.  

However, no matter the style, I believe that what draws people to listen to and perform music, is its ability to express the full range of human emotions in a safe way.  And as a performing artist, a cellist must develop the musical skills that make an artist sound authentic and expressive.

As your cello teacher I believe that as you develop your cello skills your music lessons should also help you develop the musical skills you'll need to:

  • Play a musical line
  • Read sheet music
  • Make effective use of articulation and dynamics
  • Understand of rhythm and meter - including syncopation
  • Incorporate a knowledge of music history
  • Understand and appreciate music theory
  • To express varying musical styles
  • To play with emotion as an expression of the harmony